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Most outplacement companies will show you quotes from this HR Manager or that company.
At TransitionHR we care more about the impact our work does for your employees.
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"Embarking on an open and honest discussion as it pertains to your professional resume can be an unnerving process. Because of the professionalism , care and expertise clients need NOT to beware. The professional approach first off from Rita not only put my mind at ease as she confidently walked me through the process with care and credibility. From there I met with Vijay in which his open ended questions added true context and framework to my 20 year professional experience. Thank you for your exceptional service."
Dave Patterson
Director of Sales and Operations
"The customer service was outstanding from the start. The option of having my interview over the phone was a great convenience, thus not having to commute into the city. I had been arranged to work with the writer Jake. The amount of content he wrote is outstanding. He did a great job of putting my work history into words. His writing was clear and concise. I now feel that my resume is an excellent reflection of my accomplishments."
Douglas Sinclair
General Manager
"He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable and was quickly able to break down my work experience into a concise, coherent resume and cover letter that aptly identified my strengths and experiences. The program offers 3 ranges of services that meet your particular career needs."
Brian Carpenter
Sr. Technology Analyst
"I had the pleasure of working with Christine, she was lovely. She was very patient, and took a lot of time gathering info for her to make my resume and cover letter to my liking. I am happy with the result. I appreciate the professionalism. It made the process for something personal much, easier."
Rowena Hamlet
Registered Nurse
"He was very knowledgeable and professional. His friendly attitude was well received and provided me with the tools I needed to find a rewarding career."
Kyle Woolaver
"I used this service, and found them to be very professional. Their team is very collaborative and the work they did exceeded my expectations. Not only was I happy with their product, I was able to find a great new career in under 60 days."
Steve D.
Financial Controller